Or just hypocrites?

It was announced (on a page that refreshes itself continuously) that my esteemed colleague Simon Daniels will act as official liveblogger (perverse official orthograhy: “ ‘Live Blogger’ ”) at TypeCon in Buffalo.

Keen readers will recall that my liveblogging of ATypI Brighton – essentially the only coverage of the conference – resulted in pint-sized girls click-clacking right up to me (one of those times, invisibly from behind) to berate me to my face that “other people” were complaining about my typing in the various sessions. My response was to the effect that these complainers should talk to me directly (they never did), along with a reassurance that I would be doing nothing at all differently from that point. Later, the husband of one of the complainers gave me repeated Latinate dirty looks during a session.

The original complainers are the organizers of TypeCon.

Nobody liveblogs as well as I do. I’m not going to TypeCon, so I neatly avoid another set of confrontations. It would be charitable to assume that TypeCon realized, finally, that if an event isn’t liveblogged it simply will never have happened as far as the institutional memory of the Web is concerned. I am more persuaded by the explanation that they’re hypocrites.

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