I was going to go to the Michael Geist love-in tonight, and laboriously liveblog it, at the cost of much time and effort and significant arm discomfort. (I did it once before.)

All along I realized I wanted to go there only to see what Geistards™ look like in person, and to use that term to describe them later – if it suited them, of course. I was prejudging them somewhat, but I assumed that was warranted. While they want “fair copyright for Canada,” fundamentally they want any provision of the Copyright Act that does not conform to Creative Commons replaced with something that does.

I am one of only two definable persons in the whole country who wants (fair) copyright reform but who does not approve of Creative Commons. I agree with all of Geist’s major points and nearly all of his minor ones. I just don’t agree with or support Creative Commons. I have been told this makes me no better than a pirate. In Geistards’ eyes, it makes me a tool of an acronymous organization like the RIAA or the MPAA or CRIA.

So no, I’m not schlepping all the way across town in the rain to sit in a room full of Geistards who might think of me as the enemy.

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