The cringingly mistitled charticle “The Gay Plot: Out of the Celluloid Closet” appeared on the back page of Out, September 2008. In it, Ilya Marritz exclaims “independent gay films can totally crack $100,000 at the box office” – as though that were some kind of triumph.

In fact, Marritz’s reporting shows that “gay” films barely make any money at all. Including seriously questionable outliers like Blades of Glory and I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Buck Larry, the total box-office haul for “gay” moves from 2000–2007 is $970 million. Excluding those outliers, the real number is $732 million. If I am to believe Wikipedia, The Matrix Reloaded earned that much by itself.

Over $10 million

  • Monster ($34M)
  • Rent ($29M)
  • Capote ($28M)
  • The Producers ($19M)
  • Far from Heaven ($15M)
  • Kinsey (≈$10M)

You might disagree about Rent, but weren’t most of these pretty good movies all told?

Over a million

  • The Deep End ($8M)
  • The Night Listener ($7M)
  • Running with Scissors ($7M)
  • Before Night Falls ($4M)
  • Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (a measly $4M)
  • Hedwig (a measly $3M) and Shortbus (just under $2M)
  • Chuck & Buck (≈$1M)

Aren’t these the true independent pictures – good script, good actors, just not a whole lot of money to spend?

Under half a million

  • The Dying Gaul ($343,000 – this despite quasi-explicit homosexualism enacted by Campbell Scott)

Under $200,000

  • Bear Cub (fatties won’t read subtitles? Spanish-speakers don’t want to watch fatties? what?)
  • The Business of Fancydancing (fop till you drop!)
  • Circuit
  • Dahmer (who the fuck wants to watch a movie about Jeffrey Dahmer?)
  • Eating Out
  • Friends and Family
  • The Girl
  • Girls Will Be Girls
  • Hellbent (surprisingly good)
  • 101 Rejkavík
  • The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green
  • Testosterone

Have you even heard of most of the movies in that last list? Of those you did hear of, do you now think you even should have?

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