Thirteen or however many years later, I finally got Franked. The Remedial Media column in the current issue mentions my critique of Mathew Ingram:

Last April the blog Fawny posted a piece entitled “Mathew Ingram, the least original technological blogger.” (to which we immediately warmed when it referred to Matthew Fraser as the “nastiest prick in town.”)

All punctuation sic. The title of the post was actually the more grammatical “Mathew Ingram, the least original technology blogger.”

Resentment was quick to boil over in the commentary to Ingram’s latest headshaker, with Joe Clark of the undercapitalized Tea Makers blog posting “How disingenuous, Mathew, as nearly your entire online œuvre consists of rapidly summarizing other people’s posts so you’ll look connected or like some kind of guru.”

I would have hoped that Frank would have noted the plainly obvious and well-specified facts that I write this blog and write the Tea Makers. Remarks Frank attributes to two people were written by a single person – me. My name’s already right there in the story.

And: “Undercapitalized”? I shall have at thee, sirrah.

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