Or: Fake Ouimet shitcans self

I started writing the Tea Makers blog on the CBC in July, and as of today I stop. Only part of the reason is external, i.e., it is due only partly to the epic incompetence of current CBC management, which will surely result in the decimation of the entire organization should the Tories win a majority government. Frankly, it is difficult to argue for the continued existence of public television in a multi-channel environment when its programming is indistinguishable from private broadcasters’. CBC does other things well, but they are never held in its favour. According to right-wing assholes, the CBC costs “the public” $1.1 billion a year and all of that goes into CBC Television. Who needs a state broadcaster in this day and age, they ask?

I wrote over 100 posts of generally excellent quality. They were certainly well researched. Nonetheless, people wanted Old Coke. Teatards™ tuned in to their own Price Is Right and expected Bob Barker standing next to the wheel. I am not Alphonse Ouimet and didn’t pretend to be, two facts that truculent readers pretended not to understand.

There’s a reason I don’t have comments here, and the reason is self-protection. I foolishly let my guard down in writing the Tea Makers, where I was routinely pilloried, even to the extent of anonymous cowards’ publishing confidential details that only a couple of people ever had access to. They weren’t just objecting to my presence or disagreeing with what I wrote or my writing chops; they were deliberately trying to hurt me. They succeeded. And now they win.

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None. I quit.

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