Creative Review getting it wrong about graphic designers’ personal work:

The fact that Felton is now extending his ideas online comes as little surprise – it’s here that an up-and-coming designer, or blogger (or both) can grab their moment of fame.

No, it is online where, for the first time, graphic designers can actually publish their own personal work. Painters and photographers could always do so, as their work product is a painting or a print or slide. The work product of a graphic designer once required expensive printing. Now printing isn’t expensive, but printing enough copies so your work actually gets noticed is.

Online publication, free of marginal cost, made designers’ personal work possible for the first time. This fact was camouflaged by designers like Saville and Carson, whose client-indulged and -funded peccadilloes were misinterpreted as personal work. These new designers’ work has no client; the Web has decoupled graphic design from business.

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