The irksome positoid bottom, who, in a previous incarnation he’d like you to forget about, posted an ad on a bareback site soliciting unsafe sex (“no such thing as too hairy”), whined last year that somebody as special as him was faced with having to comply with the laws of the country he loves. In this case, it’s a ban against positoid visitors and immigrants, a ban that is obviously unfair because it impedes his own life. (Well, he’s the one who took loads up asses.) Sully was faced with leaving the United States in March.

Now it’s March. Why is he still there? Don’t the rules apply even to a clearly exceptional, truly important visitor with an O visa?

Sullivan held a private audience with Obama, which remains off the record but surely involved a direct entreaty to end a policy that affects Sully personally. The only news that RawMuslGlutes can manage to report is that a repeal of the ban is “in the works.” Does he really think his President will sign an executive order just for him personally within the next dozen days?


Sully got busted for pot, a charge that was squelched from on high so he wouldn’t get deported.

If I understand matters correctly, Sullivan has violated the laws of the United States by attempting to gain immigration status there while carrying an inadmissible disease and by doing drugs on federal land. Again: Why hasn’t he been deported yet?

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