Whether or not we actually agree with or endorse the following ideas, the gay community (sic) is afraid to talk about them in public. (Not sure if you’re allowed to agree with any of these? Ask somebody more oppressed than you.)

  1. Trannies were gay all along. And vice-versa.
  2. FTMs are men because they say they are, especially if they don’t have breasts anymore. MTFs are women as soon as average passersby cannot tell they aren’t.
  3. Once your personal ID, like your driver’s licence, shows your new, correct gender, it’s just catching up to the gender you had all along. The matter is settled; the law doesn’t make those kind of mistakes, and we can always trust what the government says about us.
  4. Barebacking is merely a complex and ultimately quite understandable personal choice.
  5. It really is impossible to intentionally infect someone with HIV – not just in practice, but in principle and in law. After all, it takes two to tango.
  6. When we say AIDS is ravaging sub-Saharan Africa, “AIDS” has the same definition it has here.
  7. The fact that lesbian bars have never been commercially viable (beyond one per city for limited periods) is due to sexist discrimination, mostly perpetrated by gay men.
  8. Drag is a beloved cornerstone of entertainment at gay bars. It continues to be offered solely in response to unstinting audience demand.
  9. “Dating” sites have not, in fact, destroyed the actual community that was formed in gay bars. A site like Manhunt is in fact a community builder.
  10. Gay couples are the quintessential double-income/no-kids family, with much more disposable income than comparable straight couples.
  11. Adultery is a meaningless concept in gay marriages, hence could never suffice as grounds for divorce.
  12. Gay opponents of gay marriage are unfairly ostracized and marginalized for their well-founded dissident view.
  13. There really is no such thing as a rice queen. The very concept, not to mention the term, is a racist lie.
  14. Who among us can honestly say he hasn’t at one time or another spontaneously described himself as “LGBT”?
  15. When a gay-male organization hires a lesbian to run it, the organization shows it has done nothing more than engage in antidiscriminatory hiring practices.
  16. It just stands to reason that gay-pride organizations have an obligation to hire male and female “cochairs” of equal administrative power.
  17. Dykes are so different, so special, yet so persecuted and downtrodden they need and deserve their own parade.
  18. Most male teachers self-evidently are not gay. The scarcity of male teachers in elementary and kindergarten classes remains inexplicable.
  19. Of course gay men aren’t defective variants of straight men.
  20. What with metrosexuality and badgering by their faghag girlfriends, straight males are now so civilized they’re just as interested in involving themselves in gay men’s lives as their girlfriends are.
  21. With so many hairdressers and fashion designers (words whose very pronunciations are a dead giveaway), the sole discernible evolutionary role of the gay man is to enhance the fuckability of chicks.
  22. Deep down, each of us really is just like one of the Sex and the City girls. The only question is which one.

Why would we live in fear of debating these ideas? Because Islamofascists aren’t the only ones who issue fatwas.

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