1. It cannot manage to locate the preferences file from its previous versions, meaning it presents me with a bog-standard interface even after I had spent untold days altering such interface, very much including its insane default handling of closed tabs. (This is what happens when you let Linux apologists design Macintosh software.)
  2. It cannot autolocate Firefox, Safari, or even Opera bookmarks. You have to hunt for them yourself. And at that point, it doesn’t even list the bookmark files as readable. To say the same thing another way, Opera 10 doesn’t know even where its own bookmarks are, let alone other programs’, and even if you do manage to find them Opera can’t import them.
  3. Opera functions in every language under the sun, except of course for Canadian English. Surely the multinational occupying force in Norway must realise this lapse colors Canadians’ attitudes toward the also-ran browser. (Besides, there’s a market opening, unfilled after ten full years, for a browser that can be switched from Canadian English to Canadian French and back again before one’s very eyes.)

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