In broad stokes, I support what Ezra Levant is doing to shine light on the excesses of human-rights commissions. The specific topic I broadly support is his criticism of commissions’ encroachment on freedom of speech, not his general critique of human-rights commissions. He believes what he says about infringement of free speech, but at root he also just wants all 13 of them shut down. This would not end well for people with disabilities, as any reading of case law will confirm. So let’s not throw out babies with bathwater.

Levant has congratulated writers and organizations who would otherwise be his opponents, like “left-wing” newspapers and gay groups, for standing alongside him in his criticism of abrogation of free speech. So he has no issues with aligning himself with erswthile critics if he and they agree on something.

But not everybody is so generous with their affiliations or willing to overlook ink spilling across the blotter. If you support what Levant is doing on the topic of freedom of speech, you might be somewhat taken aback to learn he has called for summary execution in “war zone[s].” While Levant believes free speech is an inalienable right, as is the right to a fair trial even in the case of alleged hate speech, he does not believe in due process of law for certain people he views as worthy of “summary hearing and execution on the spot.” (He thinks there are actually several kinds of due process of law. This puts him in agreement with those who filed complaints against him at human-rights commissions.)

Something tells me the right not to be shot to death under the cover story of a “summary hearing” is a more important human right than, say, the one that lets you publish the Danish cartoons.

Shorter Ezra Levant: I have the right to say anything I want, and if you take me to court over it at least I’ll have due process of law at my disposal. But some people we ought to just execute right then and there.

At least when Islamofascists do something along those lines they run the whole show in the public square.

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