1. Open a new tab or window and you get some old page. It’s always the same page. No amount of deletion, including deletion of every reference to it in every hidden file (twice), solves the problem. Opera just goes and picks a new page to show you every time.
  2. Insane caching, to the point where you can never revisit a page without reloading it once it has initially loaded.
  3. Text never quite fits in input areas. Good thing we can read the bottom half of a letter better than the top half.
  4. Ill-coded but widely-used sites, like public-library catalogues, just don’t work at all for any task that requires JavaScript.
  5. Standard Macintosh keystrokes, like Option-Command-F to type in the searchbox, don’t work. That means essentially no Macintosh user can select the searchbox; native keystrokes don’t work and it is functionally impossible to learn the “correct” one. (It’s Command-E.)

Reporting any of these bugs, including the first one, by any method, including filing an actual bug report, does nothing. Among other things, you can never actually read the results of your bug report unless you are an accredited developer, and backchannels elicit zero response.

Incidentally, you have to be fluent in the language of an off-brand nation to do “evangelism” at Opera, unless you’re American. I guess that’s their base.

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