International man of mystery Rex Wockner interviews the owner of what is technically the worst blog in the world, Joe Jervis. Guess what: Neither of them can run their computers.

  • Jervis is still using his “original template… five years later because I know very little about HTML.” So now we can peg exactly how long Joe·My·God has been crashing your browser: Longer than most of its readers have known what an “Internet” is. (Isn’t it that blue e?)

  • Meanwhile, Wockner was unaware one may future-post in leading Weblog platforms:

    — I will write about eight or ten blog posts for the next day and put them on a timer to go up on the half-hour.

    — I was just going to ask you about that because I know that you’re posting in your sleep…. Is that built into the Blogger software?

    — It’s in the software. You just set the time you want the blog post to go up.

    — Under “post options”?

    — Yes.

    — Who knew?

    When Joe Jervis knows even one iota more about computers than you do, it’s time to go back to a typewriter.

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