Rice queen is a mildly pejorative but accurate and widely-used description of a man who is mostly or only interested in “Asian” (i.e., Oriental) men. (We could have a separate discussion about what “Asian” actually means [Borat is “Asian”], where it means what [in England, “Asian” means Indic], and why it isn’t descriptive enough for the current context while “East Asian” and “Oriental” are. But we won’t, as this discussion isn’t about linguistics.)

If you don’t think rice queens really exist, you must be a hateful leftist girl or a liar. You probably haven’t witnessed obvious first dates at restaurants between, say, a six-foot-tall redhead and an Oriental or a stocky iceblond and an Oriental, or witnessed a group of six or seven CBCs milling around on Church St. with one old, balding White guy standing in their midst (unnoticed, a full head taller, and wearing a hopeful smile).

Rice queens exist even if you, or nearby radical lesbians, think they’re scarcely better than slaveowners or Nazis. But how may of them are there? How many are the exact opposite – fervently unattracted to Asians, East Asians, or Orientals?

I checked up to the first 100 hits on Craigslist for all variant terms used (Asian, Oriental, azn; singular, plural; not Chinese or similar) in all rice-queen or inverse-rice-queen contexts.

  • Ads were surveyed that used any of the synonyms, about 190 in total – a small fraction given that just the word “Asian” retrieves over 850 hits. There are untold hundreds of personal ads on Craigslist; there was no attempt to quantify that number. Hence we are dealing solely with proportions of ads that mention any of the synonyms, not proportions of ads mentioning synonyms compared to all ads.
  • I did not attempt to limit the time period and did not put much effort into removing duplicates, save where noted. (For that reason, figures are accurate to one significant digit at best.)
  • Very few ads articulated anything resembling a radical lesbian’s anti-racist utopian ideal of Open to All Races.
    • One ad (with several duplicates) was in that vein; every other such ad sought Asians or Whites and nobody else.
      • Ads seeking Asians or Whites and nobody else never also sought out hairy guys. The determining factors there seem to be “not dark-skinned and not hirsute.”
    • No ads sought Asians or blacks and nobody else. No ads appeared to be written by blacks seeking Asians.



“No Asians” or equivalent: 18


  • “Yes, Asians” or equivalent: 59 (+ 17 duplicates of one ad)
  • Asian for Asian: 6 (+5 dup)


  • The author of the ad is Asian: 68
  • “Asian” means Indic: 9 (mostly dup)
  • Other: 2


  • Pro-Asian ads outnumber anti-Asian ads six to one. There are six times as many rice queens as there are anti–rice queens.

  • About one-third of all ads that mention Asians (or any synonym) are ads from guys who more or less are rice queens.

  • Confirming a related stereotype, barely any Asians are on the hunt for other Asians. Apart from the six Asian-for-Asian ads, all ads written by Asians either didn’t mention a desired race or asked for White guys.

Future work

It would be interesting to run similar surveys that:

  • carefully counted all total ads
  • deduped the results
  • did content analysis to locate elusive, unicorn-like Open to All gays, who are, by implication, the only gays among us who aren’t racist crypto-Nazis
  • looked at sites with different clientele (predictions: results similar on BigMuscle; huge preponderance of no-Asians ads on BigMuscleBears; SilverDaddies ads highly polarized)
  • looked at large cities with relatively few Orientals, like London, or cities with many, like Vancouver or San Francisco, or cities where Orientals (again: sic) are the primary non-White population, like Sydney
  • attempted to count how many guys are anti-Asian in sexual orientation but afraid to say so
  • counted the apparent race of men at bathhouses (weekends at Spa Excess are 30% Oriental)

But aren’t rice queens just racists in disguise?

Nope. They’re just pursuing their true sexual orientation. They can’t pursue yours no matter how loudly you shout at them. If they were able to do that, they wouldn’t be gay: If they’re not supposed to be attracted to Orientals, maybe something else they shouldn’t be attracted to is other men. You don’t get a veto on other people’s sexuality.

The same goes for anti–rice queens. If you wouldn’t be caught dead having sex with an Asian, more power to you. It’s a free country. Among guys who express any kind of preference, you’re outnumbered.

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