Another ill-coded Web site from the loveliest Web designer with the worst coding chops, Michael Surtees. How much skill do you have to lack to screw up a WordPress template this badly? (It’s not just the absent alt text and the misuse of display: none. How about opening links in new windows? How badly do you have to misunderstand the Web to make this many mistakes?)

With so little discernible acumen, however does he retain the task, in his day job, of coding actual sites? The design aspect is what got him his TN visa (though the new site has the angriest blue ever committed to screen, and is frankly hard to read). It’s the coding aspect that bothers me. It won’t stop Surtees from getting promoted at Daylife – or just poached by another company that also can’t tell the difference between a competent Web developer and a Web designer who adds to the office décor. (Even his dog is cute.)

And will Surtees ever learn the difference between its and it’s?

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None. I quit.

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