Scott Schuman writes the Sartorialist. He had previously bragged to the Globe, perhaps while drunk, that he’s good in bed with the ladies.

For some unaccountable reason, a blog consisting of pictures with a few snippets of text has been turned into an overly thick book full of pictures with a few snippets of (ill-proofed) text. For example:

Double-page spread shows two teenage girls in hijab across from the headline Typical Swedish teens

Typical teens, Stockholm

I saw these two exiting a subway station in Stockholm’s Södermalm neighbourhood…. They looked so exotic to me and yet somehow familiar. They spoke mainly Swedish with just a touch of English[;] however[,] their predominant language was the language spoken only by a tiny, very special group – TEENAGER! It quickly became clear to me that what was exotic about them was not their traditional dress [continues for some time – Ed.]

Sure, they’re “typical teens” for the Sweden of 2030, when, as the T-shirt says, they take over. At that point Schuman might want to stay out of the country lest he be beheaded in the public square as a louche idolator, pornographer, and apostate. That would surely set Schuman’s sex life back to about the year 630.

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