– Mark E. Smith

Neologisms in Super Sad True Love Story, whose äpp sücks.

  1. äppärät (pl. äppäräti)
  2. alkalinized water
  3. AlliedWaste, AlliedWasteCVSCitigroup; ColgatePalmoliveYum!BrandsViacomCredit; LandO’LakesGMFordCredit; UnitedContinentalDeltamerican
  4. American Medicle Response
  5. AmericanMorning portfolio
  6. ARA (American Restoration Authority)
  7. armo[u]red Fung Wah bus
  8. ass hookah
  9. ass-plug (v.)
  10. AssLuxury
  11. Bipartisan Party
  12. Boston-Nanjing Metallurgy College
  13. bound, printed, nonstreaming Media artifact
  14. BRIC [Brazil, Russian, India, China]-A-BRAC High-Performing Nations Fund
  15. Brownstone Brooklyn
  16. Cervix (“the newly hip bar in newly hip Staten Island”)
  17. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
  18. Child Abuse Multimedia
  19. China South Airlines
  20. China-Worldwide
  21. Community Parameters
  22. Credit; Media; Retail
  23. Credit Pole
  24. CrisisNet
  25. Debt Bombing (v.)
  26. dechronification
  27. Desking Ceremony
  28. durability (health)
  29. EmotePad
  30. extro (adj.)
  31. FAC (Form a Community)
  32. five-jiao men
  33. fuckability index
  34. FoxLiberty-Prime; FoxLiberty-Ultra
  35. GlobalTeens; teen (v.)
  36. GlobalTrace
  37. H-Mart (or H-mart)
  38. Harm Reduction (displacing the poor)
  39. HNWI; LNWI
  40. HolyPetroRussia
  41. Hyundai Town Car; Hyundai Persimmon
  42. Infinite Sadness Endurance Test
  43. ITP (impossible to preserve); Fallacy of Merely Existing
  44. JuicyPussy summer dress; JuicyPussy4Men
  45. Lacy Twaät, starlet
  46. Lao Wai foreigner passport
  47. LIBOR rate
  48. Life Lovers
  49. Mediastud; MediaWhore
  50. NORC (Naturally Occurring Retirement Community)
  51. New York Lifestyle Times
  52. Onionskin jeans
  53. Oslo Delight sandwiches
  54. Parakkeet blazer
  55. Patterson-Clay-Schwartz Language Cognition Test
  56. Pine-Sol Wild Flower Blast
  57. RAG (rapidly-aging geezer)
  58. RateMe, RateMePlus
  59. the Rupture
  60. Saaami nippleless bras
  61. Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency
  62. Secure Screening Facilities
  63. “security shed”
  64. SecurityState Israel
  65. SmartBlood
  66. Soft Policy
  67. Staatling-Wapachung; Wapachung Contingency; Wapachung Intelligence; Staatling Property Relocation Services
  68. Stability(-Canada)
  69. StatoilHydro (Norwegian state oil company)
  70. SUSTAINABILIT¥ score
  71. whorefuckrevu (magazine)
  72. TeenyBopper
  73. ThaiSnak franchises
  74. TotalSurrender (or Total Surrender)
  75. UGuangdong-Riverside
  76. UNRC (United Nations Retail Corridor)
  77. verbal (v.)
  78. yuan-pegged dollar
  79. Zoo York Basic Cracker hoodies

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