I’ve covered this topic before: Joe Jervis is the grizzled writer of the unaccountably popular homosexualist Weblog Joe·My·God. You know our diverse gay communities are in a sorry state when this guy’s blog passes for a news source.

A few sharp edges have been filed off, but at a technical level it remains the worst blog in the world that isn’t intentionally created to cheat and harm you. This is a blog that can and will crash your browser.

Now, what else will it do? Serve as a honeypot for threats of violence against public figures. Jervis has admitted this before and does so again:

[P]lease E-mail me if you see comments calling for the physical harm of public figures. Anti-gay asshats have been trying to leave such comments here so that the media will see them and report that “the gays are just as bad!” As always, be advised that… comments have been harvested and published elsewhere in the past.

Here again we see not just the downside of comments but the harm they cause. Joe Jervis writes a blog that attracts comments calling for violence. Comments like those, but in fact all comments there, can and will be used by his opponents, who in the normal course of events will also be the opponents of the writers of the comments.

Again: Why does your site have comments?

Why does Joe·My·God have comments?

Why is Joe Jervis such a menace to society?

UPDATE (2010.09.30): And again he reiterates the threats and liabilities of his site as though they were strengths. “[F]eel free to run your filthy fucking mouths, shout down the asshats, and say whatever needs to be said. But you may absolutely not make threats of physical harm, however idle.”

Which is actually more dangerous to the general public: What’s in Joe Jervis’s bloodstream or what’s on his blog?

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