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Toronto on Film is a book published by the Toronto International Film Festival, a very world-class institution that just opened its own Modernist film shrine. The book is more or less readable yet has no real reason to be a printed book, except of course for the fact that printed books are classy and intellectual, two perennial pretensions of Toronto cinema.

An appendix offers a claimed “175 Key Toronto Films.” The number is derived from Toronto’s age, not because there really are that many films of interest.

There’s a director and year credit for each title, plus a short graf about each. This, at the very least, should be available in its entirety online – and not as a shitty PDF export, either. So let me make this standing offer to TIFF: Send me a PDF with live text, or the Quark or InDesign file, of this appendix and I’ll convert it into semantically perfect HTML for TIFF’s and everybody’s benefit.

They won’t, of course. They’d prefer this information to be locked up in a monograph available at a single public library in Canada – Toronto’s (five circulating copies).

While we’re waiting, here’s the title list. It’s OK if you’ve never heard of half of them. These are, after all, not just Canadian films but Toronto films, hence why should anyone, least of all anyone actually in Toronto, have actually seen them?

  1. 1 + 1
  2. 4 × 8 × 3
  3. A + B in Ontario
  4. The Adjuster
  5. Adoration
  6. Alligator Shoes
  7. Ararat
  8. Arrowhead
  9. Away from Her
  10. Between Friends
  11. Blindside
  12. The Bloody Brood
  13. Bollywood/Hollywood
  14. The Book of All the Dead
  15. Boozecan
  16. Boy Meets Girl
  17. Breakfast with Scot
  18. Bush Pilot
  19. Calendar
  20. Carry On[,] Sergeant!
  21. The Catherine Films
  22. Childstar
  23. Christopher’s Movie Matinee
  24. Come On, Children
  25. Concrete Angels
  26. A Cool Sound from Hell
  27. Coopers’ Camera
  28. Crash
  29. Cream Soda
  30. Crimes of the Future
  31. The Crowd Inside
  32. Cube
  33. Curtis’s Charm
  34. Cyberman
  35. Dancing in the Dark
  36. A Dangerous Age
  37. Dead Ringers
  38. Diary of a Sinner
  39. Dream Tower
  40. Drying Up the Streets
  41. Dying at Grace
  42. Eastern Avenue
  43. Eat Anything
  44. Echoes Without Saying
  45. Eclipse
  46. EMPz 4 Life
  47. Exotica
  48. Face-Off
  49. Falling Angels
  50. Family Viewing
  51. A Fan’s Notes
  52. The Far Shore
  53. The Five Senses
  54. Flowers on a One-Way Street
  55. The Fly
  56. Foolproof
  57. Four Toronto Films
  58. Foxy Lady
  59. Fugitive Pieces
  60. Gambling, Gods and LSD
  61. Ginger Snaps
  62. Glenn Gould’s Toronto
  63. Glimpses of High Life
  64. Goin’ Down the Road
  65. The Great Shadow
  66. The Great Toronto Fire
  67. Guns
  68. H
  69. The Hard Part Begins
  70. Heartaches
  71. Heaven on Earth
  72. High
  73. Highpoint
  74. Hogtown: The Politics of Policing
  75. How She Move
  76. I Love a Man in Uniform
  77. Imagine the Sound
  78. In-Between Days
  79. In the City
  80. It Happened in Canada
  81. I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing
  82. The Ivy League Killers
  83. January 15, 1991: Gulf War Diary
  84. Jehad in Motion
  85. Johnny
  86. The Kidnapping of the President
  87. Kill
  88. Last Call at the Gladstone Hotel
  89. Last Night
  90. The Last Pogo
  91. Lie with Me
  92. The Life Before This
  93. Listen to the City
  94. Love Come Down
  95. Love, Sex and Eating the Bones
  96. The Making of Monsters
  97. Maria
  98. A Married Couple
  99. Masala
  100. The Mask
  101. McLuhan’s Wake
  102. Memory for Max, Claire, Ida and Company
  103. Milk and Honey
  104. Monkeys in the Attic
  105. Monkey Warfare
  106. My Pleasure Is My Business
  107. Next of Kin
  108. Nobody Waved Goodbye
  109. No Sad Songs
  110. No Skin Off My Ass
  111. Nothing
  112. Now That April’s Here
  113. Nurse·Fighter·Boy
  114. Oedipus Rex
  115. The Offering
  116. One-Night Stand
  117. One Week
  118. The Only Thing You Know
  119. Outrageous!
  120. Paint Cans
  121. Palais Royale
  122. Paris, France
  123. Partners
  124. The Perfect Son
  125. Picture Claire
  126. Pleasure Palace (Corrupted)
  127. Police
  128. The Republic of Love
  129. Rhinoceros Eyes
  130. Rip-Off
  131. Roadkill
  132. Rub & Tug
  133. Rude
  134. Sabah
  135. Saint Monica
  136. Sam and Me
  137. Satan’s Choice
  138. Scenes In and About Toronto
  139. Siblings
  140. The Silent Partner
  141. Skin Deep
  142. Soul Survivor
  143. Speaking Parts
  144. Stereo
  145. Strange Brew
  146. The Strip
  147. Super 8½
  148. Talk 16
  149. Thirty-Two Short Films About Glenn Gould
  150. This Beautiful City
  151. Ticket to Heaven
  152. Too Outrageous!
  153. The Top of His Head
  154. Toronto Boom Town
  155. Toronto Jazz
  156. Toronto Stories
  157. The Tragic Diary of Zero the Fool
  158. Turnabout
  159. Twist
  160. The Uncles
  161. Unfinished Business
  162. Vesta Lunch
  163. Videodrome
  164. Warrendale
  165. Waterworx
  166. Wedding in White
  167. A Whale of a Tale
  168. When Night Is Falling
  169. White Room
  170. Winter Kept Us Warm
  171. A Winter Tale
  172. Yonge Street
  173. Young People Fucking
  174. Zero Patience

Kooky fun fact: There really are only 174. Very world-class.

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