There is no central copy or readback desk at the Globe and Mail, publisher Philip Crawley told me. He told me this after I sent along a link to the many hundreds of copy errors and other kinds of shitty typesetting in his newspaper. (As of today, I’ve photographed over 400 examples all told, including 31 from the very first issues of the relaunched paper.)

And yesterday, in a flagship opinion column, here we see just what happens when you invest a billion bucks in a printing press and zero in training your staff how to write, spell, punctuate, capitalize, proofread, and – in particular – detect errors that also happen to be correctly-spelled words.

News clipping: The Australians ended their diary subsidies by placing a surtax on diary products

The Toronto Globe and Mail: Your source for breaking news on diary subsidies.

So tell me something: What are they going to do about it? Carl Wilson, feel free to chime in.

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