Sacrificing themselves, according to a meta-response to a book I have spent the last year picking through, Where Men Win Glory.

There is a lot of talk these days about making men good fathers, husbands and citizens. Much of this, of course, is predicated on the egregious myth that men are none of these things to begin with, and that their lives do not need or deserve compassionate attention simply for the sake of improving their lot in life. Everything we want men to be is somehow meant for the benefit of others. However well intended (and sometimes not), these efforts are doing little more than regarding men as human appliances….

[W]e also turned our attention to men, examined their gender role and concluded: Well, we concluded that we wouldn’t conclude anything if it got in the way of getting men to provide whatever service we needed or wanted.

For men, there would be no liberation from their role. Rather, we would just keep them trapped in it and start adding on the things we used to expect of women.

Put down that remote pick up a mop. Unless, of course, we need you to carry a rifle.

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