A scorned “teenager” has been posting nude pictures of Australian footballers. In homosexualist circles, we’d call this a calendar and sell making-of DVDs of it on Amazon. We’d give it for Xmas as a stocking-stuffer present, then leave it out on the coffee table for guests to page through. Heterosexualists act like it’s a scandal.

Nonetheless, Karen Kissane in the Age can credit herself for coining the euphemism of the year. (Emphasis and links to actual photos added.)

In one image, Riewoldt is standing staring at the camera with a sheepish expression, his hands framing his genitals, while clothed fellow player Zac Dawson grins. Another photo shows Nick Dal Santo on a bed in a rapt state of self-communion.

On the upside, this scandal that isn’t one, in which heterosexualists act offended that professional athletes like each other’s company, often go unclothed, and engage in “self-communion,” has generated a snappy neologism in the dying days of ’010: dickileaks.

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