• Claire Berlinski, Menace in Europe (2006), p. 190: “Most compelling is vocalist [Till] Lindemann, a massive former swimming champion from the town of Scnwerin.”

  • Berlinski, Times, 2005.01.09: “This colossal former swimming champion looked bloated and unwell.”

Actually, the Times piece served as a dress rehearsal for the full chapter Berlinski devoted to Rammstein – a bit of an anomaly in her book, which, like “There Is No Alternative”: Why Margaret Thatcher Matters, is dense, sparklingly written, and as close to a page-turner as right-wing argumentation gets. Who the hell would want to trudge through Naomis Wolf and Klein after enjoying this kind of verve and moxie? (And unlike Wolf, Berlinski won’t hand you your ass on a platter if you so much as hint she’s pretty. Nobody does sexy authoress photos like right-wing girls.)

In retrospect, it is no surprise that Berlinski is the writer who succeeded in gutting the publishing industry in the shortest wordcount ever. (Let’s not tell her about the poor typography of her books. Not yet, at least.) As the saying goes, one does not have to agree with any, or in fact all, of her points to like her style. My kind gal.

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