(UPDATED) Christian Louboutin and homosexualist rugger Gareth Thomas are superclose friends, according to an article whose writer, Richard Godwin, is honest and observant enough to note the disparity of presence. (Dek: “What does 101 kg of Welsh man meat have in common with 74 kg of French æsthete?”)

[…T]iny Louboutin, on his knees, binding his lean, tanned arms around Thomas’s vast waist…. [T]he Frenchman has already advised the Welshman how to sit – Thomas finds it hard to bring his knees together….

You get the picture. In case you don’t, This Is London helpfully provided several (oddly, without crediting the shooter).

In matching hats and striped suits and shoes, wee Christian Louboutin adjusts the tie of giant Gareth Thomas

Manliness is so very much about carriage.

(Full photos from shoot.)

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