“WAT MEANS‽” (sic)

POSTULATE: Nerds hate emoji (💪) for the same reason they hated the Palm Pre commercials (2009) starring Tamara Hope: Both reveal the truth that girly or feminine features can and will be imposed on computing. The computer doesn’t know you’re a girl, or that you aren’t.

Pi characters used with abandon by Japanese schoolgirls and cellphone commercials that make purely æsthetic statements are, I surmise, much too much for Aspergerian male nerds whose idea of a good time is rooting an Android phone.

If I seem to be two years behind on this topic it’s because I’ve been thinking about it for two years. I do not have a strong affinity for girly designs, but I recognize that computing is girliness-agnostic. This seems to be qualitatively different from pink Mary Kay Allantés.

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