CBC programming “chieftess” Kirstine Layfield Stewart Shaikh got hitched to her longtime boytoy Zaib Shaikh, Shineboy Govani superexclusively reveals.

Such a powerful woman exercising so much authority in the ruthless, go-go-go demimonde of Canadian broadcasting! But even she fell prey to Sharia law, getting hitched after “throwing a shawl on her wedding dress [so as not to reveal] any un-Islamic bare arms.”

Yet true to Corpse form, Stewart couldn’t even get that right, failing to cover her hair – the source of so much temptation for Muslim men like her diminutive husband. Then again, according to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Muslim men tend to view the entire female body as a sex organ. I would have no idea what that’s like, but I have an excellent grasp of the results.

Now we have a plausible explanation why the terminally unfunny, fundamentally disingenuous exercise in Muslim appeasement known as Little Mosque on the Prairie is still on the air. In fact, it bumped The Ghost Whisperer out of its slot just this week.

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