Black veganist francophone former hockey enforcer Georges Laraque (emphasis added):

The best solution would be to have a committee of former players who have fought before for a living, some guys who struggle with the job, some guys who had success, some big and small guys. That way, guys with problems would be more comfortable to talk about their issues and we would be able to find solutions together.

In other words, in the same way big strong guys are not interested in advice women might give them, they are also not interested in advice from guys they think are midgets and shrimps. Where the hell are they coming from, big guys wonder?

Body type constitutes a peer group. Slender, well-put-together, sexy young women will tell you that. (Or if they won’t, at least fat girls will tell you that about them.) There are a few small indicators of this phenomenon among the Gays (e.g., musclebears who won’t talk to anybody who isn’t built exactly like them), but it just isn’t discussed among or about straight guys.

If you’re 6′4″/230 and a professional athlete and you’ve got a problem, yes, it matters what the guy trying to help you looks like and how big he is.

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