Right-wing assholes are fun to read (and, with Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant, listen to). And just in the last week, three of them have served up juicy morsels that only occasionally amount to deplorable ad hominem pejoration.

  • Steve Sailer:

    [O]ne mechanism that thins the ranks of women in the executive suites is that, as young women climb the corporate ladder, they come into less and less contact with the dweebier guys down the ladder and more and more contact with the most powerful and ambitious men at the top. Women don’t generally love working in the macho atmospheres found higher up, but a lot of them do fall in love with individual macho executives, whom they often marry. And then they tend to downsize their own careers (since their husbands make so much money) to concentrate on helicopter-mothering their children. […]

    Affirmative-action pressure to hire women at Wall Street banks to avoid disparate-impact lawsuits led to a lot of women getting hired, who then found that they don’t really like trading, with its macho atmosphere, but they do like macho traders. In fact, they like them so much they want to have their babies. So they tended to marry a rich male colleague, then downshift careerwise to being a Tiger Mother for their offspring.

  • Taki: “Since Chaz is now a ‘man,’ Chaz is no longer a lesbian, and her longtime oyster-gobbling partner Jennifer Elia has suddenly ceased to be a dyke and is now a heterosexual woman, and anyone who does not accept this charade at face value is automatically a confused bigot.”

  • The always troublesome Jack Donovan (“né” Malebranche):

    Based on pictures, many of which obviously revealed sexual orientation via expression or stereotypically consistent “styling,” average participants found gay white males weird. (I’m going to guess that straight white men found them weird and offputting and half of the straight white women instinctively wanted to go shopping with the gay males.) Black males, on average, registered as a threat. Gay black males registered as the most submissive and least threatening black males, so they were preferred over straight black males and allowed the white people in the group to feel less racist but also safer.

    (I asked the authoress of the study in question, Alison Chasteen, for a tearsheet of her paper, which she claimed not to have. Its abstract is now sitting in the pile for my next trip to U of T to use their electronic databases.)

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