The year’s best fashion coverage – written, counterfactually enough, by a Sarah (Miller) who is not Nicole Prickett.

“When I put this on, I could really feel Marc Anthony’s pride,” Rob said. “I could feel that he is from the same broad ethnic category that gave us Bolívar, Guevara, Pinochet. In this jacket, he is saying to the world: Hey, if J.Lo were getting a divorce from Ben Affleck right now, he’d be wearing a blazer to meet with his attorney. But I’m not just some blanquito who makes movies where rich dudes who went to Harvard pretend to be poor. Yo soy Marc Anthony, and I ‘designed’ a jacket that’s kind of like a Members Only jacket, but warmer and with a slight military feel – epaulets, box pleat chest pockets – to evoke the revolutionary struggles of my people[.”]

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