Far from the smartest article mentioning Canadian English I’ve read this year.

Siri wowed onlookers at Apple’s demonstration but she is noticeable in her absence on the Canadian Apple Web site. Apple says that’s because there’s no specific Canadian English or Canadian French version ready with Siri, which is still in beta. However, Siri understands English, with three versions of English supported in the new phone, including American…, United Kingdom and Australian [English] as well as French and German.

Of course Siri will work in Canadian English. Spoken Canadian English is American English.

Quebec French (I’m not going to go so far as to say Canadian French), even highly educated newsreader dialects, are so far removed from national French as to raise serious questions about what might and might not work. African French is different still. (There’s less variation in German, though border towns tend to have the most divergent dialects.)

We then arrive at the issue of a Canadian Francophone using Siri in French-accented English (or, in Switzerland or Italy, accented French or German).

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