Did you know that customers – sheeple that they are – “pay a steep price premium for every Apple product they buy”? Well, surely they must be doing that, because the dean of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, Roger Martin, said so in Toronto’s national newspaper.

I thought I’d ask him why he was so fucking lazy. That isn’t what I actually asked. This was:

Your piece in the Saturday paper claimed – as if by rote – that customers “pay a steep price premium for every Apple product they buy.”

I gather you didn’t actually research the facts: Rivals are unable to produce reasonably competing products for as little as Apple charges for the real thing. There is no such thing as a MacBook Air manqué running Windows, for example, or anything resembling a $1,699 iMac manqué (with 27-inch IPS screen) also running Windows, or any remotely credible tablet other than the Kindle Fire, which neither of us has used and in any event doesn’t even try to compare on build quality.

I assume you do not really think that a commodity Windows personal computer bought at a chain store is actually a “competitor.” But you’d have to think that to believe what you wrote.

Do you not see that you were reciting conventional wisdom that has long since been disproven?

And Martin’s top-posted response? “What a moron! I get lots of stupid E-mails but this one takes the cake.”

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