Here we have the Mondrian-influenced storefront of the Lululemon outlet in Yorkville, Toronto:

Lululemon store with Occupy Yoga Studios on front vitrine

Note the “Occupy Yoga Studios” slogan typeset (in Trebuchet) on the vitrine. You will recall that Lululemon is the objectively Objectivist yoga-gear retailer. Whyever might an Objectivist retailer co-opt the Occupy movement?

I called the store and asked. Floor manager Sarah didn’t even let me finish my question. “Joe, I can stop you immediately. I can’t comment.” She also wouldn’t give her surname (“I’m not comfortable disclosing that information. Thank you” [HANGS UP]).

Sarah wouldn’t tell me if it was the store’s idea or headquarters’. She told me to call Vancouver. I E-mailed them instead, asking:

How does Lululemon’s cooptation of the Occupy movement, which protests against the greed and unaccountability of rich elites, square with Lululemon’s avowed Objectivist philosophy, which endorses and encourages greed, unaccountability, and elites?

Jennifer Neziol wrote back with an obviously canned response:

lululemon [sic] has a unique marketing strategy which is grassroots[‑]focus[s]ed and includes a decentralized approach; our stores are each responsible for creating their own merchandising and window displays that are unique and resonate with their respective guests and community. We are passionate about sparking conversations with and among our guests, and value their feedback.

Actually, Sarah valued my feedback enough to hang up on me. I got the impression mine was not the first call she had received, but, like every other question I asked, Sarah refused to answer.

I am pretty sure this disjunction of Objectivism and “Occupy” slogan rivals the recall of 100,000 Atlas Shrugged DVDs’ ideologically incorrect packaging as highlights of Objectivism for ’011.

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