I’d never heard of GetGlue. The venture-capital-backed company AdaptiveBlue Inc. produces some kind of iPhone app by that name. I learned of the app’s existence when I read a blog post about a 45-minute podcast two blind people put together teaching you how to use VoiceOver to overcome GetGlue’s inaccessibility.

In short, the makers of an application for the platform that is the easiest to make accessible to blind people in the history of computing refused to do so, forcing blind people to spend hours futzing with workarounds and recording instructions for other blind people to carry out their own futzing.

And now GetGlue is hiring a purported iPhone/JavaScript developer, itself something of an oil-and-water mix.

To apply, create a http://getglue.com account [sic] and explore the system. LIKE [sic] your top 10 movies, shows, albums, and books – both tech and non-tech. After that, E-mail your GetGlue username, your LinkedIn profile or a r[é]sum[é], and a sample of your recent code[,] to jobs at getglue dot com.

Note: Your candidacy will not be considered if you don’t follow the steps above.

In other words, drink the Kool-Aid before applying. How irresistible.

Partner Fraser Kelton and PR flak Claire Gendel both refused to comment. I’d say this is one company that should be actively boycotted, if not sued. And I don’t make those statements lightly.

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