Perpetuating his mythos as an aw-shucks down-home Newfoundland comedian even though he actually is a rich gay TV star in Toronto, Rick Mercer snows a gullible reporter from the Star.

Emily Mathieu uncritically accepts Mercer’s contention that the really interesting house in his past is the one he bought back home for nineteen and a half grand, $4,000 of which came from his parents. In fact the Mercer house of interest is the one he and his producer/husband bought, with cash, in Playter Estates, as Frank reported years ago.

This insufferable fixture of CBC’s endless cavalcade of news “parodies” is at pains to keep the press from discussing three important facts that, taken together, explain who he is and where he is today: He’s rich, he’s gay, and the producer of his shows is also his husband.

Was there a moment in your career where you felt you had achieved financial security?

Yes and no I don’t care to elaborate.

Let’s leave it at that, why don’t we?

Mathieu refused to respond to my inquiry about Mercer’s manse. And, not incidentally, the interview has the copy quality I would associate with high-school students rewriting Wikipedia articles in Word for Windows.

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