– Mark E. Smith

Which exact opponent is McGrath addressing here? Is this opponent or interlocutor, as is often the case, imagined? Who exactly has been failing to note CBC’s ratings success? Who exactly has recently volunteered complaints about the cancellation of Intelligence?

A nasty piece of work with a legion of indecent fans, Denis McGrath still hopes people not as dumb as Ghomeshi’s chase producers will consider him a pundit.


  • (2012.02.12) Next up on Qpot calls kettle beige (sic throughout): “There’s a sociopath who clangs around the Toronto internet critiquing everybody & everything, & never saying a positive thing ever.”

    Yes, and he wrote Charlie Jade. Denis McGrath has nothing but imagined opponents.

  • Front page of ‘Globe’ Arts section shows Chris Haddoc in fisherman’s cap smoking a fag(2012.02.15) Who’s complaining about the cancellation of Intelligence? Not its creator.

    Despite having landed at one of the hottest shows on television after the unhappy end to his CBC run, there is no gloating. And there is no bitterness.

    “I had a very lucky, long, very successful play in Canada, and I have zero complaints,” says Haddock. “I was able to work at home and write about the city I knew, and that was a great, lucky, rare – very rare – thing.”

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