Last week Mike Monteiro unleashed his 30,399 Twitter supplicants on a hapless civilian who dared to break orthodoxy and criticize Monteiro. Last night the beloved blowhard porkchop, who dearly wants you to know he frequents a gay barbershop, did much the same thing to me.

Bullying behaviour must be resisted and condemned even if you never suffer from it, believe the victims had it coming (what they always say about gay men), and rankle at the revelation the perpetrator is anything other than a lovable scamp.

There’s always a next victim. It could be you, and if that happens it’ll be 30,398 to 1.

The leftist bully is unreformable

Lacking God in their lives, leftists enact the substitute religion of progressivism, which requires apostates, a Satan, and a hell. Mike Monteiro, being as he is firmly held in the grip of progressivism, is constitutionally unable to recant his religion. He too requires apostates and a Satan. He does not understand he lives in Hell.

He, and everyone like him, is unreformable, and is moreover an active danger to everyone else.

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