(UPDATED) The journalist I had previously described as Canada’s only interesting fashion writer puts foot in mouth when asked to back up her claims.

Does Prickett really think her hit piece on Aaron Sorkin means she’s got it made? Was it a career-making move? Her stock surely rose with some editrixen and gays, yes, and they’ll be sure to hire her again under the auspices of the freelance contracts she signed. But how does she look now? Prickett wrote claims she can’t and won’t back up (and her editors let her), then effectively burned a source by publishing private E-mail. (To get ahead of an embarrassing story, I presume.) That suggests a lack of ethics and trustworthiness, something I expect will take her a long way. But she’ll never be as big as Sorkin; if a coke bust didn’t stop him, no “Internet girl” could.

Handbags at dawn.

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