• The IRL Fetish”:

    Every other time I go out to eat with a group, be it family, friends, or acquaintances of whatever age, conversation routinely plunges into a discussion of when it is appropriate to pull out a phone. People boast about their self-control over not checking their device, and the table usually reaches a self-congratulatory consensus that we should all just keep it in our pants.

    You have never been more conscious of your offline life in your entire offline life.

  • But “We, the Web Kids”:

    The ability to find information is to us something as basic as the ability to find a railway station or a post office in an unknown city is to you. When we want to know something… [w]e know that we are going to find the information we need in a lot of places…. Should we need the details, we can look them up within seconds.

    Online life is a variant, form, or flavour of offline life.

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