Venture capitalist Brett Berson talks up a venture-capital-backed darling, Etsy:

Etsy[…] had a substantial “boys versus girls” dynamic, where engineers (mostly male) sat on one side and the women on the other… It was a broken system that required changes on both sides of the house.

But the only changes Berson listed related to recruiting female programmers. Given all sorts of time to explain what “changes” had been made on the “women” side of the company, Berson; Etsy VP Kellan Elliott-McCrea; and Etsy “press contact” Adam Brown said nothing.

On the available evidence, then, Etsy’s is consistent with every other “diversity” program in Silicon Valley: Computer programming is identified as a desirable male-dominated job half of whose positions must simply be handed to women. Etsy wouldn’t know a diverse workforce if SEAL Team Six barged in on its all-female Community department.

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