(CORRECTED) Pontiac front ends done wrong and done right.

  1. The Sunfire, with the worst automotive front end since the Edsel.

    1. Original (circa 2001):

      • Strangely inset headlamps (as though 1970s-era sealed beams), even though they’re a custom model here as in other cars; too-deeply-inset lights in general

      • Panel gaps

      • Less overhang, but still too much

      • Under-bumper air intakes are unconvincing; outboard edges are actually de facto air dams for the running lights

    2. Revision (circa 2002–2005):

      • Gaps, gaps, and more gaps

      • Too many planes (grille and turn signals around central pillar actually lean in under the hood)

      • Jagged front edge of hood

      • Unbalanced headlamp shape

      • Too long; too much overhang

      • Licence plate blocks apparently intentional air opening below bumper even though surely somebody knew that’s where the plate would actually go

      • Grille isn’t honeycomb

      More is less.

  2. Holden Commodore (Pontiac G8), which does it right:

    • Custom headlamps (circles!) inside flush fascia

    • Inset honeycomb grille matches inset air intakes on hood; chrome trim on edges maintains general wraparound plane

    • Uncomplicated detailing below bumper

    • General lack of detail

    Less is more.

    (Strangely, a near-identical G8 was four cars behind this one when I took this picture. You rarely see one of these things, let alone two.)

(UPDATE · 2013.08.22) Then there’s the Grand Am:

Front end like the G8’s


G8 and hound.

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