What I’ve been saying for two years really is and was true: Wheel-Trans has been using a snitch line, other passengers, drivers, and video cameras to spy on passengers. Why? To trump up a reason to boot them off the system.

If at any time over the last three years you the Wheel-Trans user appeared mildly less disabled one day compared to any previous day, you were at risk of the tonton macoutes turning you and in and getting your only means of public transportation pulled out from under you.

I filed the complaint about this dystopian bureaucratic outrage with the Toronto Ombudsman, who discovered the program is even worse and more Orwellian than I had imagined.

Now begins the Truth and Reconciliation phase of the Wheel-Trans surveillance program. We will begin with outright ban on such use of video cameras by the Information and Privacy Commissioner (reversing an underling’s post-facto authorization of it), followed by a human-rights complaint and a class-action lawsuit.

Next week I will set up a separate online presence for the Spies of Wheel-Trans, and in September we’ll hold a public meeting.

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