The activist, authoress, and professor who is right half the time, Sarah Schulman, keeps being let into the country to start trouble. Via her Facebook updates, I compiled a handy-dandy enemies list of local “queers” she has thanked, mostly in the context of infiltrating, and risking the destruction of, Pride Toronto through the mischief and subterfuge of QuAIA.

  1. Stephen Andrews

  2. Nadia Awad

  3. Sissy Bamboat

  4. Julie Blair

  5. Matt Brim

  6. Michele Clarke

  7. Julia Creet

  8. Ben Dougherty

  9. Keli Dunham

  10. Rachel Epstein

  11. Dina Georgis

  12. John Greyson

  13. Alex Juhasz

  14. Dalia Kandiyoti

  15. Theodore (but apparently not Doug) Kerr

  16. Natalie Kouri-Towe

  17. Kim Koyama

  18. Alexis Kyle

  19. Tom L[é]ger

  20. Jack Leman

  21. Deirdre Logue

  22. Tim McCaskell, obviously

  23. Allyson Mitchell

  24. Roy Mitchell

  25. Trish Saleh

  26. Zoe Whittall

There were two others whose first names suggest their surnames: Marusya (presumably Bociurkiw) and Farzana (presumably Doctor). Ten or so of Schulman’s dear friends identified only by given names were omitted above, but that hardly changes anything.

Are you on this list but don’t consider yourself an enemy?

You’re entitled to my opinion.

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