From my friend in an Xtra comment that is essentially impossible to link to and is as fungible as, say, the job security of a Pink Triangle Press Web developer or journalist:

Michelle, if you were savvy enough to detect the sad undercurrent in these posts by gay men over and across the blog world, the reason is that white gay men over 45 have had three holocausts thrust onto us:

  1. Family and society rejection, which historically went without saying when people 45 and older were young (unlike youth in the last 10 years or more).

  2. A death plague that destroyed our entire fledgling social experiment in open homosexual maleness, which collapsed into death and loss and horror (with the survivors struggling about trying to make sense of our second life holocaust).

  3. And now the third… homonational pinkwashing – the theoretical positioning of white gay men as the enemy of all queer and trans peoples around the world, the oppressors of all queers and trans of colour and gender.

Once again a societal bully has selected gay men as the target, as the bad guys, as the oppressors, cissy racist sexist hegemonic collusion with power and privilege over people of colour’s colonization. Has a group ever been more targeted as the fall guy for hate and envy and attack? There it is. Read it and weep.

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