– Mark E. Smith

Gaybros, those gay men who want to be both and not just the former, are a complex, prickly, still-evolving group. They bewilder queers and LGBTs, who basically call them transphobic and racist. (Except Toronto Gaybros are overrun by Chinese and other “Asians,” by their own admission; point out that they admitted it and they call you a racist.)

I have previously described these guys as looking like engineering students, which many of them are. A helpful poll has revealed what various respondents study in school. Whaddya know: This is the first group of out gay men in human history to be reasonably represented in male-dominated disciplines. (Majors and minors included. Plans and aspirations generally excluded. Some licence taken with course descriptions to collapse them onto set categories [also sometimes impossible]. These are all young fellas and their plans and outcomes will of course vary.)

Male-dominated science and technology professions (71)
Engineering: 13 (the single largest, and largest single, field)
Computer science: 7
Physics: 6
Math: 10
Economics: 6
Biology: 7
Chemistry: 8
Technology (all other than above): 13
Humanities (55)
English: 3
Philosophy: 10
Not lavender languages (6) and linguistics (4)
Humanities (other): 34
Nursing: 2
Graphic design: 4
Fashion design: 2
Music: 5
Professions (showing poorly)
Law: 1
Medicine: 2
Business (all): 11
Education (all): 5
Psychology (6) is deemed its own category

What is one incontrovertible conclusion of the research into gay money? If you’re a gay male and you want to earn a living commensurate with your education, duke it out with straight guys in male-dominated professions. I say again: This is the first known cohort of actual gay males demonstrably interested in doing just that.

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