Peter Staley:

Obama ended his speech with a challenge to our community to expand its agenda into a broadly progressive one, looking beyond our own fight for equality to the issues that continue to hold back far too many Americans – social-justice issues like poverty, racial and gender discrimination, immigration, and health care. It’s as if he’d just read Urvashi Vaid’s Irresistible Revolution

It’s as if Staley just failed to read the truth about Irresistible Revolution.

with its frustration at our narrow focus on marriage equality. Vaid has often seemed like a lonely voice among our LGBT leaders as she’s yearned for a more substantive agenda with race, class, and gender at its foundation, knowing that it would produce greater and more meaningful change for a larger number of people.

Especially champagne socialists. I know Staley once worked on Wall Street, but has he ever earned a half-million for half a year’s work? Vaid has.

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