Without warning, typographers have suddenly learned deception and bullshit.

  • Matias Duarte and the Google complex snow gullible journos that the unremarkable and undifferentiable (also unreadable) Grotesk sansserif Roboto is the first custom font for user interfaces or that spending a year and a half to update a single typeface is somehow unusual.

  • FontShop sells out to Monotype for no obvious or defensible reason. Despite not also being Mormons, this makes now-perilously-employed FontShop mandarins touchy enough to suppress my aperçu “FontFont Has Never Been More Independent and Has Always Been at War with Eastasia.” So much for the brotherhood of type.

    (I find it coïncidental that Spiekermann’s [“quasi‑”] retirement from the entire industry occurred days before that takeover was announced. This could explain why the kind and generous mentor, who was kind and generous to me and my designer friend at ATypI Vancouver but is essentially impossible to contact, ignored a postal letter I sent as a last resort.)

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