Some of my best friends are lexicographers. The other month I took it upon myself to define and antedate the word caron in the specific sense of “haček.” I found the first reference, in a WordPerfect user manual I still have. I submitted that to the OED.

Then I wondered why the hell I was wasting my time on a weird typography/Unicode sense of a synonym for an existing word. Shouldn’t I be antedating gay speech before queers and LGBTs and trannies get all of it banned, as they are trying to do with tranny? They are literally defining us out of existence and literally rewriting and denying our history. Over my dead body. (I shouldn’t tempt fate there, given that eldergays are dying, often at their own hands.)

Using only the OED as a definition source, and with frequent reference to the online archive of OutWeek (which I wrote for, and which archive I have downloaded and OCRed), here is what I have so far. (Permanent updated location.)

Not defined at all

  1. ACT UP
  2. bareback (not in that sense); also need bug chaser, gift giver, creampie, cum bucket, and similar
  3. basket
  4. baths
  5. beard
  6. bent
  7. BJ
  8. butt plug
  9. chicken
  10. circuit party
  11. confirmed bachelor
  12. cut, uncut
  13. diesel dyke
  14. dinge queen; rice queen; X queen
  15. fag hag
  16. French active, passive; Greek active, passive
  17. friend of Dorothy
  18. Gaysian
  19. GWM and all variants; must avoid the tendency to lie, as in the title of the film Single White Female
  20. HAART
  21. hanky code
  22. helium-heels
  23. husbear
  24. invert
  25. labyris (ambiguous in OutWeek)
  26. load
  27. light in the loafers
  28. marriage equality
  29. meat rack
  30. Miss Thing
  31. molly house
  32. MSM
  33. nancy
  34. PNP
  35. poppers
  36. positoid
  37. read, v.
  38. same-sex marriage 
  39. seropositive, seronegative, serocloseted
  40. shemale
  41. sister
  42. spousal benefits
  43. switch
  44. tearoom
  45. Tina
  46. top, bottom, versatile (the last ambiguous in OutWeek)
  47. trade
  48. tranny
  49. trick
  50. tubs
  51. undetectable
  52. Uranian
  53. VGL
  54. viatica*

Fully or somewhat defined

  1. antiretroviral
  2. bear (1989–2004)
  3. combination therapy
  4. fisting (including cite by Andrew Nikiforuk)
  5. fuck buddy
  6. gay marriage (huge number of gay * phrasal entries)
  7. leatherman, leather bar
  8. lover [weakly defined, but with gay reference: “Chiefly with possessive adjective: either member of a loving couple; a person in an (exclusive) sexual and romantic relationship with another”]
  9. PCP, KS (but they do have K/S), OI
  10. positive (weak indirect definiton), negative
  11. poz (inadequate definition)
  13. rainbow flag
  14. safe(r) sex
  15. viral load
  16. well-hung

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