(CORRECTED)John Gruber: “I make a good living writing [Daring Fireball].” Yes – still over half a million a year, by my estimate, using published rate cards. (Gruber’s sponsorships are now double my previous estimate.) I later corrected the sponsorship numbers for the Talk Show.

Daring Fireball estimated revenue
Source Frequency Rate Total
RSS feed Weekly $9,500 $475,000 (assume Christmas off)
The Talk Show 40/year $3,750 gross × 3/show with 4-way split $450,000 ÷ 4 = $112,500
T-shirts 80 semiannually $11 net $1,760
Amazon affiliate links $75
Total $589,335

Of course I asked him about my estimate (when it was $523,710). “Would that not be a good living?” he replied.

Gruber has a business writing about the Macintosh and Apple while Macworld does not.

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