After Valleywag made the case, I wrote in 2011 that of course Tim Cook is gay. Of course he is. The computer press indeed is so liberal it put Tim Cook back in the closet.

All the big names were and are guilty of this sin. Let’s start with Glenn Fleishman. At the time (2011.02.03), I chose not to publish the following posting.

Confidential to Glenn Fleishman

The respected Macintosh and technology journalist, who, like me, wrote for Tidbits, objects to receiving private E-mail asking him to articulate his points directly to me. He objects in public, in fact.

Here, for the public record, is our conversation:

I would assume that a journalist would all but automatically formulate any objections to my post and send them along via electronic mail rather than emitting drive-by Twits. Like most, I would prefer to be talked to rather than about. And I can handily defend my position.

I see: You’re the boss of Tim Cook and the boss of me.

Here’s how this works: I have a private life (non-journalist) and a public life (journalist). I get to choose what I write about, and when I make comments on my Twitter feed, blog, or other personal resources I maintain myself, another party doesn’t get to pull out the “journalist” card and make demands on precisely how I comport myself.

Short version: Fuck off.

Future E-mails will be ignored or blocked.

In the intervening time, Fleishman decided that he is qualified to police women’s discussion of transgenderism. Just yesterday, he described himself as a “lifelong support[er] of LGBTQ rights.” We’ll be the judge of that.

Everyone’s reporting, including mine, about Tim Cook’s being gay was correct all along. It’s reporting, not outing, because a CEO’s being gay is not “private.” Fleishman was merely the nastiest of a coterie of heterosexualist writers defending the closet.

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