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  1. Love & Radio, which is quite good:

    1. Violent”: Joyce Carol Oates–compliant “MMA” fighter with actual self-awareness Nick Salvatore:

      I was with my friend Alex, and one thing led to another, and we took to grappling. I realized it was one of the most intense experiences I’d had. Um, kind of like being in a crash, but, uh, not as necessarily life-threatening. And, I dunno, it drove me nuts. I started doing it as often as possible. I mean, it’s not necessarily what human beings are built to do, but it’s something that human beings seem very adept at, and I guess it just struck some sort of atavistic core with me – and drove me nuts.

      It’s – it’s almost like dancing, and it’s almost like fucking…. And sort of trying to find a way to arrange your body the way one might arrange words or paint or beats or whatever to achieve this sort of optimal æsthetic effect, which just happens to be, you know, the other person lying unconscious on the floor or whatever. It’s creative, but you get created, you get re-created….

      But, you know, I, and we – me and my friend Alex, we fought naked, uh, and, I mean, that was really weird…. Really weird. [“Did you like it?”] I did. I don’t know if we would do it again necessarily. Also, the tile floors really ripped up our knees and ankles.

    2. Daryl K. Davis, an African-American who befriends Klansmen

    3. Mathias Rust lands his plane in Red Square

  2. Grant mentions me on a Way with Words episode and gets Canadian spelling kind of wrong.

  3. The Nerdist talks to Clive Barker for almost two hours about every aspect of health and sexuality while never bothering to talk about his having AIDS or allegedly shooting up his husband with needles (case dismissed).

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