Names, many quite delightful, of seemingly every gay(‑)rugby team in existence. Not all use the city or place name in the generally-used designation.

  • ARC Lowlanders

  • Atlanta Bucks

  • Berlin Bruisers

  • Birmingham Bulls

  • Boston Ironsides

  • Brisbane Hustlers

  • Bristol Bisons

  • [Brussels] Straffe Ketten

  • Caledonian Thebans

  • Cardiff Lions

  • Charleston Blockade

  • Charlotte Royals

  • Chicago Dragons

  • Cologne Crushers

  • Colorado Rush

  • Columbus Coyotes

  • Les Coqs Festifs

  • Dallas Diablos

  • Dallas Lost Souls

  • Emerald Warriors

  • Les Gaillards

  • Gotham Knights

  • Kings Cross Steelers

  • Los Angeles Rebellion

  • Madison Minotaurs

  • Madrid Titanes

  • Manchester Village Spartans

  • Melbourne Chargers

  • Minneapolis Mayhem

  • [Toronto] Muddy York

  • Nashville Grizzlies

  • New England Valkyries

  • New Zealand Falcons

  • Newcastle Ravens

  • Northampton Outlaws

  • Ottawa Wolves

  • Pampas Rugby Club

  • Philadelphia Gryphons

  • Phoenix Storm

  • Rebelyons

  • San Diego Armada

  • San Francisco Fog

  • Seattle Quake

  • St. Louis Crusaders

  • [Stockholm] Berserkers

  • Sydney Convicts

  • Tou’Win

  • Los Valents de Montpelhièr (indeed Los; it’s Occitan)

  • Washington Renegades

  • Washington Scandals

  • Zurich Rascals

  • [Worldwide Barbarians]

In very broad terms, these are gays who are trying to be men. It may still be a “See Tarzan, hear Jane” scenario close up, but they’re trying.

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